Aluminum Giant Hydro Plans on Multiple Horizons with Quintiq

November 19, 2009 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Quintiq, a leading provider of advanced planning and scheduling software solutions, today announces the new customer success story at aluminum company Hydro.

Hydro is the third-largest integrated aluminum supplier in the world. Based in Norway, the company employs 23,000 people in 40 countries. Specifically, Hydro is the leader in rolled aluminum products, manufacturing 1.0 million tons per year. Over the years, Quintiq has been chosen many times to supply Hydro with planning solutions for its manufacturing facilities.

This story scans the successful implementation of three Quintiq products: Quintiq Macro Planner, Company Planner and Scheduler.

Macro Planner (covering strategic network optimization and sales & operations planning) is a strategic multi-scenario and supply chain performance management tool. It is used for a variety of planning applications. Being a high level planning tool, Macro Planner creates capacity allocation and raw materials purchasing plans for the monthly planning cycle. Taking into account sales forecasts and margin data from business units, Macro Planner performs capacity planning for the whole supply chain, using capacity and stock positions.

Quintiq Company Planner (available-to- promise, capable-to-promise and finite capacity planning) is helping the lithography unit meet its goals for improved delivery times and delivery performance.

Scheduler (short-term planning and event management) is used for short term production sequencing and daily event management - matching customer orders to raw materials and then sequencing the orders on the line.

Please download the full Hydro Case Study.

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