DFS Improves ATCO Scheduling with Integrated Quintiq Solution

October 27, 2009 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
The Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS), which is responsible for controlling the German air space, has significantly improved its ATCO scheduling with the integrated Quintiq ATC Workforce Optimization Solution

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DFS needed to replace its legacy planning system and saw this as an opportunity to vastly improve their planning and scheduling capabilities. DFS chose the Quintiq ATC Workforce Optimization solution which was first implemented in the Bremen Control Centre and, over time, will be implemented in all of DFS' Control Centers and Towers.

For many reasons, planning and scheduling a large number of Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) and Flight Assistants is an extremely complicated task. First, government regulations regarding the number of controllers and the licensing necessary to man each sector are very strict. Second, DFS has to deal with a complicated set of collective labor agreements which can even vary from site to site. The Quintiq solution is flexible enough to include different labor agreements for each control center and to take into consideration employee preferences.

About DFS
DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH is responsible for air traffic control in Germany. As a company organized under private law, DFS is 100% owned by the Federal Republic of Germany. Founded in 1993, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH is the successor to the Federal Administration of Air Navigation Services, a government authority which had existed for 39 years. The company's headquarters are located in Langen, near Frankfurt. DFS is operating 4 Area Control Centers and furthermore represented at 17 international airports throughout Germany. The remaining airports also operate under the supervision of DFS.

About Quintiq
Quintiq provides advanced resource planning, scheduling and optimization solutions. The fast-growing Dutch company, established in 1997, offers software for planning and optimizing complex business processes throughout the enterprise. The company's headquarters is located in the Netherlands and it has subsidiaries in Germany, UK, Finland, Malaysia, China, Australia, and the USA.