Dutch Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency chooses Quintiq planning solution

March 09, 2009 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
After an extensive selection process, the Dutch driver and vehicle licensing agency (CBR) has chosen Quintiq as supplier of its new planning system. The new Quintiq solution will support the key activities of the agency. Every year the CBR subjects more than 1,2 million candidates to a theoretical and practical driving test. Also, the CBR holds examination sessions for the transport & logistics, inland shipping and aviation industry. The agency has 60 branches in the Netherlands, spread over five regions.

More than two years ago, the CBR initiated a selection process for a new planning system for exams, examiners and examination rooms. Initially, the CBR selected a standard system. However, after a thorough analysis this system could not fully support the work of the CBR. So the agency restarted the selection procedure. After an extensive Proof of Concept, it selected the Quintiq solution.

Ad Philipsen, division and project manager at the CBR agency, mentions three important reasons why his organization selected Quintiq: "Firstly, of all the suppliers Quintiq came out as the company offering the most functionality and agility. Secondly, the step-by-step development process of Quintiq provides an optimal match between functionality and user demands. This is because users are actually involved in the development process. Thirdly, during the selection procedure Quintiq proved itself as a very pro-active partner. At the CBR agency we are very confident that the Quintiq solution will significantly improve our planning scope. As a result, it will allow us to further improve our services to driving instructors and candidates."

For the CBR agency, planning is a very complex puzzle with a large number of variables. The main variables are staff, resources (examination rooms), but also specific competences, preferences and rules and regulations regarding objective examination. For instance, family ties between examiner and driving school and between candidate and examiner are not allowed. The Quintiq system is capable of automatically integrating all the necessary variables in the planning. Also, when the planning is disrupted, in case of illness or defective material, the system automatically offers alternatives. The implementation of the Quintiq solution dovetails with the launch of a newly developed back-end system at the CBR agency. This system, called Dyktion, went live in the last week of 2008. Quintiq will start in the middle of February with the implementation of its software. The company aims to finish this project in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Arjen Heeres, Quintiq's COO: "We are enthusiastic about the choice of the CBR agency for our solution. It underlines our strength in the field of resource planning in complex environments. We are looking forward to work with the CBR staff and to smoothly implement our system, so the organization can streamline its processes as efficiently as possible."

About Quintiq
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