ELVAL live with Quintiq Company Planner

August 31, 2009 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Quintiq announced that ELVAL S.A. Hellenic Aluminium Industry, the sole Greek producer of rolled aluminum products, went live with the Quintiq Company Planner since April 24, 2009.

To optimize the supply chain, Elval is implementing in phases an ambitious program using Quintiq's Company Planner, Hot Mill, Cold Mill, Foil, Melt-Cast Schedulers and Routing Generator. Maximizing capacity utilization, while at the same time, reducing inventory and improving delivery performance was a puzzle that required a perfect-fit solution. ELVAL uses as a backbone SAP, entirely integrated with the Quintiq solution.

ELVAL employs the most advanced technical know-how, to make products ranging from thin foil for flexible packaging through lacquered end can-stock, to coated aluminium coils for building and construction applications, as well as special high magnesium alloys for shipbuilding, automotive, printing and other applications. In such a diverse production environment, world class planning and scheduling becomes one of the most important success factor to maximize the performance of the plant.

The processing of rolled aluminium products requires planning of various production flows such as casting, hot-rolling, cold-rolling and finishing to be both flexible and transparent. Planners face multiple challenges in this process. The Quintiq Company Planner helps to map each planning action including specifications, delivery due dates, constraints and shifting bottlenecks, as well as planners' decisions and their consequences. It plans job orders created by the Routing Generator, which went live last year. With the solution components it is possible to improve delivery performance, reducing lead times and achieving consistent delivery dates while maximizing productivity and reducing inventories. The Company Planner and Scheduler consider changes in production, e.g., material defects, shutdowns and maintenance work and allow daily (re)planning, real-time reporting and analysis of KPIs. In addition, it saves time in developing or adapting plans and offers the modelling of "what if?" scenarios.

"To meet our requirements, we had been looking for a tool that could optimize our supply chain by maximizing our capacity, reducing inventory levels and improving delivery performance. The Quintiq solution can be adapted flexibly to our requirements and enables real time planning", says Periklis Tsahageas the Project Manager at ELVAL. "The Quintiq implementation methodology is a robust tool which has helped our strategic initiative to re-engineer our production process. Within the first three months from Company Planner's Finite Capacity Planning Go-Live, the KPI measurement framework has shown a reduction of the manufacturing cycle times by almost 30% for some products, with a corresponding reduction of WIP. During the last twelve months, delivery lead times for some high-end products have been reduced by 25% and even 50% in some cases. Finally, the system has given us the ability to "predict" the short-term future much more precisely than was possible before and take appropriate corrective actions."

Arthur Torsy, Director Metals & Manufacturing at Quintiq adds: "With the successful implementation of the Scheduler and Company Planner we once more prove that Quintiq can help companies like Elval to improve their supply chain efficiencies. It also shows our leadership and expertise in the aluminium industry, with a market share of more than 35% of all rolled products, being planned by Quintiq worldwide.

About ELVAL S.A.
ELVAL is the sole Greek producer of rolled aluminium products, distinguished as much for world-class quality and service as for excellence in human resource management and environmental protection. The extensive manufacturing base of the ELVAL Group includes 10 factories in Greece, Bulgaria and United Kingdom. Over 80% of ELVAL's output is exported to more than 70 countries around the globe. The company has grown over the past three decades from a medium-sized regional producer to a global force.

ELVAL is a subsidiary of VIOHALCO S.A., the holding company of the largest Greek metals processing group. VIOHALCO S.A., directly or indirectly, participates in over 90 companies, six of which including ELVAL, HALCOR, SIDENOR, HELLENIC CABLES, ETEM and CORINTH PIPEWORKS are pioneers in their sectors and are listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. The installed production base of the Group outside Greece includes plants and warehouses in Bulgaria, Romania, the United Kingdom, FYROM and Russia. Over 70% of the consolidated turnover of VIOHALCO is realized in markets outside Greece. The total exports of the companies of VIOHALCO, represent approximately 10% of total Greek exports.

About Quintiq
Quintiq provides advanced planning, scheduling and supply chain management solutions in 52 countries. The fast-growing company established in 1997, offers software for planning and optimizing complex business processes throughout the enterprise. Quintiq's headquarters are located in the Netherlands with subsidiaries in Australia, China, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, the UK and the United States. For more information: www.quintiq.com