Howard Tenens Invest in Quintiq to support Growth

February 18, 2009 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Quintiq, a leading provider of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solutions, today announced that logistics management group Howard Tenens has chosen the Quintiq Logistics Planner solution to improve the planning, management and execution of its client's logistics operations. Quintiq will assist Howard Tenens in maximizing operational efficiencies and lowering operational costs.

Howard Tenens is one of the largest privately owned third party logistics management service providers in the UK. Operating a fleet of over 200 trucks and 3 million square feet of storage facilities throughout Great Britain, Howard Tenens specializes in managing demanding logistics contracts by providing customer-oriented distribution and warehousing services.

In recent years, the business has expanded both in size and in service offering, increasing the complexity of planning resources and personnel. Howard Tenens took the business decision to invest in its IT systems and infrastructure and a new transport management system formed part of this. The new system needed a number of intricate but essential core functions and the flexibility to work across the numerous sites and depots Howard Tenens now operates from. It also needed to incorporate automated planning as well as being user friendly and increase visibility to customers.

Superior Capabilities within Budget
Fulfilling all of Howard Tenens' planning and functionality requirements, Quintiq demonstrated that its standard industry solution could be configured to exactly fit the requirements of the business - even the subtle behaviour differences between operational sites and contracts can be incorporated. The Quintiq solution will be used to maximize resource utilization so Howard Tenens' existing personnel and facilities will be able to meet the needs of more customers, while maintaining a high level of customer service. Increased resource utilization will also support Howard Tenens' commitment to environmental awareness by reducing empty mileage and lowering fuel expenditures.

Together with new investments in vehicle computing and GPS, the Quintiq solution will provide operational event management in real time to help Howard Tenens' planners confidently handle frequent, last-minute scheduling disturbances. With an organization-wide overview, Quintiq is able to provide planners with optimal solutions for rectifying disruptions as they occur.

The implementation process, handled by The Logic Factory, began this month, January 2009. The solution is expected to go live in the second quarter of 2009.

"As a growing company, we are constantly looking to enhance our customer service and gain increasing efficiencies," explained Julian Beecham, Deputy CEO at Howard Tenens. "Quintiq will support our growth by making us more attractive to potential customers and by maximizing our resources." We have invested in a Transport Planning and Management Solution that will allow our operation to meet the demands of today, but that will also flex to accommodate the contracts of tomorrow.

Arjen Heeres, Chief Operations Officer at Quintiq commented: "We are delighted that Howard Tenens has chosen Quintiq for its company-wide planning needs. We believe that organizations of virtually any size should be able to benefit from the advanced planning technologies that once only the largest organizations could afford. Howard Tenens' choice of Quintiq demonstrates our affordability."

About Howard Tenens
Howard Tenens experience in providing supply chain management services has been proven for over 40 years. Our experience covers businesses in manufacturing, retailing and importing. In fulfilling the role of a supply chain partner to our customers, we place the highest priority in providing efficient services through all stages of the supply chain. Our pride in innovative logistics solutions for both warehousing and distribution services are supported by management integrated control systems. We are also highly experienced in property management due to the freehold ownership of over 3 million ft² of industrial buildings throughout the UK.

Facilities / Depot Locations
Swindon, Andover, Boston, Leicester, Sharpness, Aveley, Barking, Ashby de la Zouch, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Belper, Portbury, Felixstowe & Tilbury
Vehicles: 200

Range of services provided for customers
Automotive - through the night parts deliveries
Forest Product (Paper) handling & expertise
Logistics management
Cold Storage distribution and warehousing
Food & Drink quality - warehousing
Manufacturing supply specialist (Line side deliveries)
Retail Distribution

About Quintiq
Quintiq provides advanced planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization solutions. The fast-growing company, established in 1997, offers software for planning and optimizing complex business processes throughout the enterprise. The company's headquarters is located in the Netherlands and it has subsidiaries in Australia, China, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, UK, and the USA. For more information: