Semi-finished copper producer reduces WIP levels by 15% and improves delivery reliability by 20%

July 07, 2009 | Mannheim, Germany

Excerpt of the customer case study:

WIP levels significantly reduced

[...] Internal logistics was also under scrutiny. Copper prices had risen enormously, as had many other metal prices, at the time of the implementation, which made stocks in production and inventory considerably more expensive. The aim was to substantially reduce the levels of works in process. The Quintiq solution was incorporated into the existing ERP system at Aurubis Stolberg and linked to Chipps (production planning system).

A specially designed integrator was deployed to ensure fast and trouble-free integration into the existing IT environment without the need to modify any of the existing systems. Working with the new software was a great leap forward for the workers at Aurubis. They found the colorful, user-friendly interface and icons particularly beneficial. The productivity of the Quintiq Application Suite is, however, fully dependent on plant-specific modifications which have to be drafted and developed in-house.

"Every company has to do its homework before installation can go ahead. Internal processes have to be analyzed and a concept for the visualization and improvements has to be worked out," stresses Aurubis Stolberg CEO Ulrich Patalla.

Thanks to its scalability, the Quintiq software offers the maximum possible flexibility. Experience shows that the solution can not only be smoothly integrated into existing systems and technologies, but is also easy to adapt to new requirements - even when company growth exceeds expectations and large-scale operational changes have to be made. "Users are not interested in monolithic implementations: they prefer a phased adaptation process," says Victor Allis.

"We were able to reduce WIP levels by about 15% and the lead times were shortened by several days," recalls Dr. Morid.

Please download the Aurubis Case Study on semi-finished copper production.