Quintiq optimizes European transport planning at Saint Gobain

June 14, 2010 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Saint-Gobain Glass Logistics (SGGL) has selected Quintiq, a leading provider of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software solutions, to optimize SGGL's European transport flows. The Quintiq solution will support all SGGL planners throughout Europe, with the dual goal of minimizing annual transport costs while improving customer service.
Maximizing customer service has top priority at SGGL. However optimizing delivery performance, while minimizing costs and respecting constraints and unique rules, is a daily challenge for planners. With the flexible Quintiq solution, SGGL will be able to solve these issues and offer premium services against lowest cost possible.

All planning constraints, such as flexible opening hours, country and driving restrictions, trailer and stillage constraints, and ferry crossings, will be taken into account automatically by Quintiq. Furthermore, the Quintiq solution will help planners make more cost-effective planning decisions by showing the financial impact of any disturbance or deviation from the plan.
William Beguerie, General Manager at SGGL says: "Transporting flat glass is a very unique and complex process, quite different to general cargo. Combining this complexity with lots of customer-specific requirements, country-specific constraints, and different cost structures per carrier together makes an extraordinarily complicated environment. With Quintiq we will achieve our goals while reducing transport costs."

The Quintiq solution will create more visibility by calculating when each of the company's 500 full truck loads across Europe will become available again in order to allocate new more cost-optimal trip legs. In doing so, the solution will ensure drivers are scheduled to return to their home locations at the end of each week, a particularly complex requirement of international transportation.

The unique and 100%-fit Quintiq solution was chosen by SGGL after an intense selection process. The solution is planned to go live within four months, allowing a quick ROI for SGGL.

Arjen Heeres, COO at Quintiq adds:"Saint-Gobain is an important new customer for Quintiq. We are pleased that they selected our technology after the One Week Demo Challenge in which we showed that Quintiq could model SGGL's most difficult constraints and rules. SGGL's decision is strong confirmation of the power of the Quintiq system to meet the toughest planning requirements."

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