Successful implementation of Quintiq scheduling solution at copper specialist KME in Osnabr

March 01, 2010 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Following the swift and smooth installation of the Quintiq scheduling solution at the end of 2009, the rolling mill in Osnabrück has been able to call on a professional tool for the day-to-day detailed planning of its business and manufacturing processes. Important goals, such as coil optimization, shortening lead times and improving delivery dependability are now being realized with the help of the Quintiq solution.

KME decided to implement the Quintiq Scheduler in March 2009 after seeing positive results at the KME production site in Fornaci di Barga, Italy. The KME sites in Fornaci di Barga and Osnabrück produce various rolled metal products suitable for building and industrial applications.

Challenges at the KME rolling mill in Osnabrück
Manufacturing a range of different products is a complex process. The large number of different materials and the varying order lot sizes demand a high level of detailed planning. The goal is to achieve optimum utilization of the coil capacity despite daily adjustments to the schedules. This can lead to significant reductions in material usage.

Improving delivery dependability
One of the company's key goals is to improve delivery performance. Due to the complexity of operations, it had previously proved difficult to plan and calculate lead times precisely, which had the potential to lead to missed delivery targets. With the help of the Quintiq Scheduler, the company is now able to respond immediately to deviations and ensure that it still meets planned deadlines.

The new scheduling process at KME - mapped in real time
Before the recent Quintiq implementation project, all scheduling was carried out using software that was developed in-house. However, this was not capable of scheduling or reviewing individual processes and operational stages in real time; nor was it possible to intervene in ongoing production processes. Now that the Quintiq Scheduler has been integrated in the existing SAP ERP environment, the company is able to benefit from these options. Thanks to real-time alerting and rescheduling, users are able to react immediately to changes and implement new, optimized detailed plans.

Jürgen Kriesche, Head of Supply Chain Management at KME in Osnabrück, sums up: "The complexity of rolled metal production is enormous. Thanks to Quintiq, we are reducing lead times, have a clear overview of the production sequences and are thus able to eliminate bottlenecks. Our goal is to boost long-term customer satisfaction by achieving delivery reliability of more than 90%."

Arthur Torsy, Director Metals & Manufacturing at Quintiq, adds: "By deploying our scheduling and detailed scheduling solution, our customers have a tool in their hands that will boost their commercial success, even during financially difficult times."

About the KME Group
As a company group active throughout Europe, KME occupies a leading position on the global market for copper products.
- Annual production of more than 600,000 t of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products.
- Group revenue of more than ?3 billion.
- 14 production sites in the major European markets as well as China
- 2 leading research centers
- A network of sales offices throughout Europe, America and Asia

Positioning of the KME Group:
- Worldwide no. 1 in the production of copper and copper alloy semis, including high-quality, high-tech products
- In the worldwide top 8 in the non-ferrous segment (NF)
- Among the world's top 30 metals companies (ferrous and non-ferrous)

About Quintiq
Quintiq provides advanced planning, scheduling and supply chain management software solutions. This fast-growing company, established in 1997, offers and implements software for planning and optimizing complex business processes throughout the enterprise. The company's headquarters are located in 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands, with subsidiaries in Australia, China, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the USA. Quintiq systems are implemented in 68 countries worldwide. More at