ABS Improves Productivity and Delivery Performance with Quintiq Solutions

March 30, 2011 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Quintiq, a leading provider of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solutions, today announced that Acciaierie Bertoli Safau (ABS), has selected Quintiq Company Planner and Quintiq Scheduler for its steel production plants in Italy. Quintiq Company Planner will support ABS in optimally performing order acceptance, resource capacity planning and material planning. Quintiq Scheduler will create schedules for the heaters, hot rolling mills and finishing processes. With this project, ABS aims to gain traceability and visibility into its supply chain and flexibility in production, enabling ABS to improve productivity, delivery performance and customer service. The project will begin in Q2 of 2011, with TRIM Informatica as integration partner.

Large production volumes and complex portfolio demand advanced planning

One of the first leading European steel manufacturers in terms of production selection and volume, ABS' extensive product portfolio consists of ingots, casted, forged products and long rolled products. These specialty steels are used in automotive, engineering, petrochemical, railways and other industries. To help managing such an extensive product range, increasing steel grades and large production volume, ABS turned to Quintiq to provide an advanced planning solution for improving productivity and delivery performance.

Creating an environment for maximum on-time delivery

Quintiq Company Planner will support ABS in reaching its main production goal: to deliver products on time and in full (OTIF). With the solution, ABS will manage order acceptance based on finite capacity planning, transportation lead times, customer budgets, capacity reservation and material availability on a "Just-in-Time" basis. For all orders, Company Planner will determine optimal start and end times for the various operations along the routing. With full transparency over the supply chain, planners will be able to look up an order status quickly letting them know ahead of time if something is amiss and allowing them to spend more time on dealing with exceptions and performing "what-if" analysis.

For short-term, daily production scheduling, ABS will use Quintiq Scheduler to optimize productivity, shorten lead times and decrease work-in-progress (WIP). The Scheduler will assign loads to heaters and sequence the hot-rolling mills and the critical finishing lines, taking into account rules and constraints such as campaigns, steel grade changes, product dimensions and main variables that are applicable to steel production.

Achieve business value with better planning decisions   

Advanced planning will give ABS' planners the visibility to view the capacity utilization of critical resources up to a few weeks in advance. This makes it possible to see the future delivery performance on a daily basis for the coming weeks on individual order level. Transparency and traceability will enable ABS´ managers to immediately see the results of planning decisions and how they affect KPIs (key performance indicators) such as delivery performance, inventory levels and cycle times.

"We were quite impressed by the proof of concept and the demonstration of how Quintiq software could be able to fit ABS' planning processes and stringent requirements," commented Luca Visentini, Project manager at ABS. "Quintiq has a lot of experience in our industry and proven success in providing the added value we are looking for. We are confident that the Quintiq solution could serve as real jump-start for the next big step".

Francois Eijgelshoven, Business Director at Quintiq commented: "We are very pleased to sign ABS as our first Italian steel customer. The Italian steel market is the second largest in Europe and, as a result, has great potential for Quintiq. We look forward to utilizing our extensive metals industry knowledge to help ABS, and other Italian companies like it, to reach their business goals of optimal productivity and excellent customer satisfaction."

About ABS

Acciaierie Bertoli Safau is the Italian leader and one of the first three in Europe for special steel production. ABS was founded in 1989 by the merging of two highly qualified steelplants with long standing experience: "Officine Bertoli" founded in 1813 and "S.a.f.a.u." whose origin dates back to 1909. The Company's operations are based on three production plants in the Udine area (Italy) with an overall product capacity of over 1.4 Mtpy. ABS's customers spans across Europe, North and South America and Asia. More at www.absacciai.it

About TRIM Informatica

TRIM Informatica provides software solutions in Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with special skills and experience in metals production and manufacturing processes. Adaptive.MES is the ultimate software platform deeply based on Service Oriented Architecture which includes advanced touch and voice user interfaces. Established in 1997, TRIM includes customers such as IVECO, Gruppo Arvedi, Auchan and Outokumpu, and since 2009, is Quintiq Alliance Partner in Italy. More at www.triminformatica.it

About Quintiq

Quintiq provides advanced planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization software solutions. This fast-growing company, established in 1997, offers and implements software for planning and optimizing complex business processes throughout the enterprise. The company's headquarters are located in the Netherlands and the USA with subsidiaries in Australia, China, Finland, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. Quintiq systems are implemented in 74 countries worldwide. More at www.quintiq.com.

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