SNCB Logistics Selects Quintiq and Ab Ovo for Full Resource Planning Cycle

May 12, 2011 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Solution to be deployed for long term planning down to real-time execution management.

SNCB Logistics, an independent international logistics group, has chosen Quintiq and Ab Ovo to deliver a planning solution that supports the full resource planning cycle, from long term planning to real-time execution management. The solution will integrate the planning and scheduling of SNCB's line locomotives, shunting machines, drivers and ground operators. Rail IT along with advanced planning and scheduling (APS) specialist Ab Ovo recently started the implementation of the Quintiq software. Long term planning is expected to be live late 2011, followed by real-time execution management in the beginning of 2012.

"SNCB Logistics is going through a profound restructuring, aiming for a significant improvement of quality and productivity. We have already achieved important results in these fields, but to have more impact, we needed an integrated IT-system that permits us to perfectly synchronize the planning of all the process and resource utilisation. Moreover this system has to be integrated and implemented in the short term," comments Geert Pauwels, CEO SNCB Logistics, "After an intensive selection process we decided to choose Ab Ovo and Quintiq. The proven state-of-the-art Quintiq software in combination with Ab Ovo's specific rail and APS expertise perfectly matched our business requirements.".

The tool will support the planners in making the best decisions for scheduling and rescheduling resources. Besides that, the new system will integrate current planning methods in combination with the intended processes required for the operations of the new SNCB Logistics organization and facilitates the collaboration between the various planning departments.

The planning solution can be implemented in a relatively short timeframe because it combines the benefits of already available rail specific functionality with the possibility to quickly model customer specific wishes insuring a 100% fit.  All constraints such as route knowledge and certification of individual drivers, track access and locomotive compatibility, labor regulations and driver shift preferences are taken into account. The unique Quintiq architecture, with its fully configurable company-specific layer, offers this flexibility. The solution from Quintiq and Ab Ovo will also support many other important business functions by interfacing with systems like the HR system of SNCB Logistics, the asset management system, the order management system (Ab Ovo's Rail Cargo System), and Infrabel's national railway management system.

Arjen Heeres, COO at Quintiq commented on behalf of Quintiq and Ab Ovo: "I am excited that SNCB Logistics has decided to join other major railway companies in using the Quintiq and Ab Ovo solutions to plan and schedule its railway operations. Again we have been chosen because our solutions can best meet the complex planning requirements of the railway industry."

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