Quintiq implements integrated fleet and staff planning system for Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori

October 31, 2012 | Rome, Italy

Quintiq today announced the successful implementation of Quintiq's Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution for Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori's(NTV) trains and workforce. The implementation will enable the optimal management, planning, and ordered reporting of NTV's fleet and personnel.

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  • NTV chose Quintiq's Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution for its ability to overcome operational challenges. During the selection process, Quintiq demonstrated high flexibility, an ability to manage a variety of resources through a single system and the capability of effectively adapting to the start-up phase of a project. NTV also commended Quintiq's display of strong commitment as a supplier.

The Quintiq solution will be employed to optimize the utilization of NTV's entire fleet and personnel from the long term down to the day of operations. The first phase of this project involved determining the operating model and crew size using Quintiq's business modeling tools. Subsequently, NTV and Quintiq worked together to establish a fully-integrated planning system for all of NTV's operational resources.

  • Paolo Ripa, Passenger Director of NTV, said, "We looked for an integrated system capable of reconciling our resources efficiency with the quality of life of our employees. This will guarantee the quality of our long-term planning, and improve productivity in the long run."

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    Paolo Ripa
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    Arjen Heeres
  • Arjen Heeres, COO of Quintiq, commented, "We are very proud to have a company like NTV in our customer portfolio. It has been a pleasure to work on this project with such a professional and quality-oriented organization. NTV chose Quintiq for our ability to support businesses, and to flexibly and quickly solve their complex planning puzzles. We are happy about the opportunity to work with NTV to achieve their business goals and to support the growth of this young and ambitious company. By ensuring that NTV is completely satisfied with their rail planning solution , we have further consolidated our position as a provider of APS solutions to the rail industry worldwide."

The system is currently being fine-tuned to ensure that it will be ready to move from resource planning to resource optimization, and allow NTV to deliver on its promise of high-quality customer service.

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