Quintiq sets new record for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

October 16, 2012 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Confirming the optimization value Quintiq brings to customers

Quintiq proudly announces a new world record for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW, Gehring & Homberger's 1,000 customer instances / Instance: c1_10_4). The record has been broken by over 170 points or about 0.43%, a significant improvement for a benchmark that has been around for so many years.

Wim Nuijten, Quintiq's VP of Optimization Technology, explains: "Customers often ask us how we can prove to them the quality of our optimization technology, frequently combined with the question on how we compare to our competition and the scientific state-of-the-art findings. We have always been able to answer the first question by presenting the results we have obtained in many of our customer projects and refer to case-studies written about those. Through our recent efforts to benchmark our technology on existing well-known and well-researched complex optimization challenges, we are able to provide a convincing answer to the second question."

Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

As Quintiq has a large number of logistics customers, the Quintiq optimization experts decided to apply the Quintiq technology to the well-known Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW) for which there are recognized and extensively studied benchmarks, defined by Solomon and Gehring & Homberger. These benchmarks consist of pickup/delivery challenges of anywhere from 25 to 1,000 stops. To move as close as possible to the operational realities of Quintiq's customers, Quintiq optimization experts selected a 1,000 stop problem to test the Quintiq technology. The best known result to date was a solution using 90 vehicles (which is a proven optimal value) and a total distance of 39641.46 (Miros?aw B?OCHO, Zbigniew J. CZECH, "A parallel memetic algorithm for the vehicle routing problem with time windows" Parallel Computing Journal 2012). Quintiq was able to reduce the distance to 39468.68, significantly improving on that best published result to date.

Optimization value, how Quintiq customers benefit

Wim Nuijten highlights why this is a big win for Quintiq and its customers:  "For Quintiq and our customers this is an important result. It confirms that our proprietary optimization technology is best-in-class when solving large logistical optimization puzzles with all the complexities of maximum driving durations per truck per day, opening time windows per stop with the goal to minimize overall miles driven. For our customers, this means combining the best service levels with minimizing costs, as well as keeping to driving regulations and minimizing their carbon footprint. Through challenges such as the VRPTW and continued research and development, we look forward to continuing to bring world-class optimization results to our customers on a daily basis". 

(more information: https://www.sintef.no/Projectweb/TOP/VRPTW/)

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