The supply chain just got smarter with Quintiq’s self-learning technology

May 17, 2016
GARTNER Supply Chain Executive Conference 2016, Phoenix, Arizona
Where supply chain analytics and optimization come together

The next level of supply chain maturity – the Self-Learning Supply Chain – will be revealed by Quintiq's co-founder and Chief Puzzle Solver, Victor Allis, during his presentation Big decisions: Hitting a moving target with advanced analytics at Grand Sonoran G on Tuesday, May 17 at 11.30am.

In his presentation, Dr. Allis will describe how in the conventional supply chain planning process, many assumptions are made based on human experience and rules of thumb, such as, how long it takes to get from A to B during rush hour, or how often a piece of machinery requires maintenance. With that comes wide margins of error, which lead to inaccurate, unreliable plans. It starts with a small deviation – a job on the production line takes longer than planned – and soon enough, thanks to the domino effect compounded by accumulating inaccuracies, the entire plan is void.

By contrast, the Self-Learning Supply Chain learns about a business and its processes by continuously analyzing historical data, and generates performance-based predictions, planning recommendations and improvements. For instance, it will measure the gap between planned and actual tasks, analyze the causes of the gap, and apply that knowledge to future plans, thus narrowing the gaps over time. Allis will present improvements in the accuracy of forecasts by as much as 30 percent.

The Self-Learning Supply Chain describes a set of capabilities that finally brings the true value of Big Data to the supply chain. Given Allis's background in artificial intelligence, it's no surprise that Quintiq is one of the first SCP&O providers to combine optimization and analytics in this way. Quintiq, a Dassault Systèmes company, is well known for its world-record-breaking optimization technology. With the launch of the Self-Learning Supply Chain, Quintiq ensures that the data, which is input for optimization, is as accurate, up to date and reliable as possible. According to Dr. Allis, "The self-learning capability dramatically increases the value that you get out of your SCP&O solution, and ultimately, your resources."

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