How can we prove that DELMIA Quintiq's optimization technology is number one?

We've broken some of the toughest optimization puzzles in the world. Here are our latest wins:
Instance n x m LB LB Ref. LB Date UB UB Ref. UB Date
mt10c110 x 11927[13]Sep 2013927[3]Oct 2008
mt10cc10 x 12908[13]Sep 2013908[5]Jan 2010
mt10x10 x 11918[13]Sep 2013918[2]Feb 2000
mt10xx10 x 12918[13]Sep 2013918[2]Feb 2000
mt10xxx10 x 13918[13]Sep 2013918[2]Feb 2000
mt10xy10 x 12905[13]Sep 2013905[3]Oct 2008
mt10xyz10 x 13847[13]Sep 2013847[2]Feb 2000
setb4c915 x 11914[13]Sep 2013914[3]Oct 2008
setb4cc15 x 12907[13]Sep 2013907[2]Feb 2000
setb4x15 x 11925[13]Sep 2013925[2]Feb 2000
setb4xx15 x 12925[13]Sep 2013925[2]Feb 2000
setb4xxx15 x 13925[13]Sep 2013925[2]Feb 2000
setb4xy15 x 12910[13]Sep 2013910[4]Jan 2011
setb4xyz15 x 13902[13]Sep 2013902[13]Sep 2013
seti5c1215 x 161169[13]Sep 20131169[13]Sep 2013
seti5cc15 x 171135[13]Sep 20131135[13]Sep 2013
seti5x15 x 161198[13]Sep 20131198[14]Mar 2013
seti5xx15 x 171194[13]Sep 20131194[13]Sep 2013
seti5xxx15 x 181194[13]Sep 20131194[13]Sep 2013
seti5xy15 x 171135[13]Sep 20131135[13]Sep 2013
seti5xyz15 x 181125[13]Sep 20131125[2]Feb 2000