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Your operations can make or break the passenger experience.
Are you affected by these pain points?

What does it take to deliver ground operations that satisfy passengers at all times? Look no further than your operations – see if they are exhibiting the following symptoms.

Long check-in queues

A well-run airport is one that ensures passengers don’t spend too much time waiting. However, most airports and airlines struggle to match the allocation of check-in desks with actual demand. The result? Lengthy wait times for passengers and the risk of missing their flight.

Slow clearance at all points

Smooth and swift movement through all necessary checkpoints is a major contributor to passenger satisfaction. Long waiting times at check-in will impact passenger arrival times at security and border controls. If processing at these two checkpoints takes too long as well, passengers will be in a rush to get to the boarding gate.

Delayed flight departures

The airport is no stranger to last-minute disruptions — flight plans change continuously based on a variety of reasons that include weather, congestion at the departing airport and technical issues. If disruptions are handled poorly, their effects can quickly ripple through to other areas.

Missed connections

The quickest way for passengers to get to and from their aircraft is by an airbridge, which provides a short and direct route to the terminal. But the reality is that there are times when passengers need to board and disembark at remote stands. A stand that is too far from the gate will mean that passengers may miss the connecting flight.

Better decisions, better service –
our DELMIA Quintiq experts share their views

“Planning in silos only results in costly inefficiencies. Rely instead on a smart system that allows you to plan all resources at every checkpoint on a single IT solution. Integrated planning enables you to stay aligned with KPIs easily, especially in prioritizing great passenger experience”

– Dirk Jekkers, Ground Operations Presales Consultant, DELMIA Quintiq

“What if you could anticipate the number of passengers at check-in? You could then plan your staff and counters accordingly. With demand-driven planning, you can make well-informed decisions about how many check-in desks to open, at what time and for how long”

– Conny van der Heijden, Ground Operations Business Consultant, DELMIA Quintiq

The key lies in integrated, demand-driven planning

Smarter ground operations is about planning your resources as a whole and responding to demand as it changes. Learn more about strategies to keep your passengers happy at the airport – download our eBook today.