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These challenges will sound familiar

No two meat companies are the same – there are bound to be differences in operations, requirements, constraints and SLAs. However, certain major challenges are unavoidable for just about every meat industry player. They include:

Uncertainties in supply

You can’t tell what you're going to get. What’s certain is that there will be inconsistencies. Whether it’s the animal size, weight or quality, you won’t know the kind of supply you will have until the livestock arrives. Your planners then face the daunting task of addressing gaps between forecasted and actual volumes.

Volatile demand

It's just as difficult to forecast demand. Apart from last-minute orders and quantity revisions, demand can be influenced by retailers and their promotions, as well as seasonal factors. If not planned well, your disassembly process will run into shortages or surplus of meat.

Numerous cutting options

Your planners need to match the demand for individual cuts with supply, given the capacity constraints of individual plants. However, a carcass is a composition of several cuts, each with its own demand curve and a fixed number of disassembly options. The challenge lies in determining what to make from the fixed and mixed supply as to feed the demand for individual cuts.

Meat freshness

Monitoring a product’s shelf life is a key factor in maintaining food safety. This means that you need to meet the MLOR (minimum life on receipt) of products delivered to the customer. You have the option of freezing your meat but it comes at a cost – not just carrying or inventory costs, but also the cost of freshness and hence, a reduction in value.

Decipher the disassembly challenge with DELMIA Quintiq

The disassembly challenges in your operations are, of course, not limited to the above list. How can you better manage every aspect of your disassembly process? Our expert opinion video on optimized disassembly shows you how.