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Manage your supply chain more effectively

As a meat manufacturer, your disassembly and processing probably take place at different sites. However, changes to one still directly affect the other. What happens when the gap in your meat operations isn’t addressed? It will lead to inefficiencies across the supply chain, as well as poor management of:

Complex constraints and rules

Capacity is limited. You also face constraints in the meat’s shelf life as well as health and safety restrictions, such as rules on contamination and allergens. These factors make it challenging to achieve an efficient supply chain.

Constant, unpredictable changes

A change in demand on the processing side will impact the disassembly process. It greatly influences material requirements to fulfill the processing plant’s demand at the slaughterhouse. The material needs of the slaughterhouse are also affected.

Strict service level agreements

The biggest KPI is the service level agreement (SLA) with retailers. The challenge often lies in knowing the right call to make. For instance, deciding between using substitute materials and purchasing from external sources when there’s a shortage.

Communication across the board

Numbers constantly change in supply and demand. The more quickly you’re alerted of these changes, the faster you can respond. Sharing key information with all stakeholders is important – making plans based on out-of-date information will hurt business results.

Close the gap with DELMIA Quintiq

Ensuring efficiency across the entire meat supply chain is difficult, but not impossible. Just ask DELMIA Quintiq’s meat industry expert, Gijs Hofman. In a webinar attended by top meat companies around the world, Gijs provided insights into the value of integrated planning. Highlights of the webinar are now available in a 15-minute, easy-to-digest video. Get started on improving your meat operations today.

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