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Quintiq Academy delivers training and certification to Quintiq employees, partners and customers all around the world.


Quintiq Academy is the next generation virtual learning campus. A place to learn at your own pace, when and where it suits you, regardless of your location or time zone. All you need is an internet connection, a computer or tablet, and a little time. Academy offers courses on everything you need to succeed with Quintiq, including: planning, optimization, programming, project management, consulting skills, implementation methodology, and much, more. All of our content is created by active Quintiq consultants, each one an expert in solving complex planning and optimization challenges. We make learning easy. From the moment you log in, Academy recognizes you by name and shows you where you are on your learning path. It even recommends your next course and remembers where you are in your certification journey.

Fun and Friendly Competition

Learning at Quintiq is all about you. People learn in different ways, so we offer different formats, including text, video, audio and interactive exercises to make your learning experience both stimulating and fun.

We publish new content regularly and keep you up-to-date by highlighting the newest and most popular courses. Our top 40 leaderboards encourage friendly competition and we even invite you to rate courses and give feedback, so you help us improve as well.


Are you up for the challenge and excitement of a Quintiq career? Whether you’re a trainee or a seasoned consultant, our skills maps are the ideal starting point. Skills maps for each role outline what knowledge and experience you need at each stage of your career, so it’s easy for you to know what to focus on. Each course in our role-based curricula helps you build specific competencies and moves you one step closer on your journey to certification. Our intuitive certification workflow and our experienced panel of international assessors mean you can certify whenever and wherever you want.

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