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Customer Support
Customer Care

Customer Care

    DELMIA Quintiq works hard to ensure your continued satisfaction. We measure your satisfaction and identify areas for improvement by regularly asking the following questions:
    • Are you meeting your business goals?
    • Are your users happy with the DELMIA Quintiq solution?
    • Are your users adequately trained to get the best out of the DELMIA Quintiq solution?
    • Is the solution stable and reliable?

    Your customer care manager
    Towards the end of an implementation project, you'll be introduced to your customer care manager as well as the support team at DELMIA Quintiq support. Your customer care manager will:
    • Measure your satisfaction twice yearly using DELMIA Quintiq's Customer Satisfaction Evaluations
    • Maintain contact with key users and stakeholders in your organization
    • Ensure that you receive DELMIA Quintiq's monthly customer newsletter
    • Keep you up to date on DELMIA Quintiq's latest offerings
    • Invite you to relevant DELMIA Quintiq events
    • Answer any general questions you have about DELMIA Quintiq
    • Monitor your support requests

    Read on to learn more about the support DELMIA Quintiq provides.

    • You can't always prevent small problems...
      But with DELMIA Quintiq's free system health check, you can make sure they don't become big problems. DELMIA Quintiq's system health check enables early diagnosis and correction of problems.
      • It's free as part of DELMIA Quintiq's standard support and maintenance program
      • It uses the same diagnostic tools used by DELMIA Quintiq's R&D department
      • It's not disruptive or intrusive
      System health check
    • Extra support just when you need it most
      DELMIA Quintiq understands that an implementation project isn't the only thing going on in your business. When your internal resources are needed elsewhere, you can rely on DELMIA Quintiq's specially trained Hypercare consultants to step in and provide the expertise needed to keep the project moving.
      • You can call on Hypercare at any time during a project - whether resources are limited or you're just looking for the reassurance of a safety net
      • Hypercare is the most reliable form of project planning buffer
      • If your project team lacks certain expertise, DELMIA Quintiq's Hypercare consultants can fill the gap
    • Continuous improvements, continued competitive advantage
      DELMIA Quintiq's R&D department collaborates with DELMIA Quintiq consultants and customers to ensure that DELMIA Quintiq software is always at the leading edge. Continuous improvements mean continued competitive advantage for DELMIA Quintiq and its customers.

      Upgrade to DELMIA Quintiq 5.0 to benefit from technical and functional improvements including:
      • New mobile server and a suite of apps
      • New fully configurable dashboards
      • Increased speed and performance
      • World-record-breaking optimization technology
      Upgrade project
    • What more could you achieve with DELMIA Quintiq?
      Your DELMIA Quintiq application may require occasional adjustments to accommodate your evolving business. A DELMIA Quintiq value scan identifies potential areas for adjustment and improvement in order to maintain a 100%-fit solution. The DELMIA Quintiq value scan helps to ensure that you always get the best out of your DELMIA Quintiq application.

      The value scan allows you to:
      • Evaluate current performance and fit
      • Measure the value the DELMIA Quintiq solution is bringing to your operations
      • Improve setup and integration
      Value scan