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Customer Support

We do customer support a little differently.
We commit.

When your operations are down, you need more than a customer support guarantee. You need a customer support attitude.

At DELMIA Quintiq, we take responsibility for problems and fix them - no matter who or what caused the issue. Here's how strongly we feel about giving our customers the outstanding support they deserve.

  • The reassurance of 24/7 global support
    Get the attention you need - anytime, anywhere

    DELMIA Quintiq provides 24/7 customer support in English from our Global Development Center in Malaysia.

    Our helpdesk is fully equipped to look into your incident the minute it comes in. We can provide predefined solutions for known problems straight away. If your case requires further analysis, we have highly skilled support consultants available permanently in the same location. They have immediate access to a knowledge base with details of your specific implementation. All urgent issues are escalated according to your Service Level Agreement.

    We don't "Follow The Sun" anymore. No more call center on the weekends and no more handing over support shifts between offices. The new approach will bring you higher availability of qualified staff, every hour of every day.
  • The comfort of local support
    Get support from people who know your business

    Sometimes incidents require detailed knowledge of your specific business model or architecture. In such cases the DELMIA Quintiq consultants who implemented your solution are also involved in supporting it. Your local DELMIA Quintiq office is ultimately responsible for the quality of your solution!

    This gives you the best of both worlds: the availability and professionalism of a centralized 24/7 support organization, as well as the accountability of local experts to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • The freedom to choose exactly what you need
    You choose the support you need

    With DELMIA Quintiq, you can choose the level of service - Gold, Silver or Bronze - that best suits your environment. We also provide Platinum Support for customers who need customized services and dedicated support consultants.

    An Annual Value Scan is free with certain service levels, and available to all customers. The scan helps our customers maximize returns by examining how they are using the solution, and identifying additional business benefits.

    Our service levels help you avoid paying for something you do not need. Whichever service level you select, one thing remains the same: our uncompromising commitment to the integrity of your operations.
  • The insights that keep you in control
    You are in the loop - all the time

    Our ITIL-alike processes enable our customers to:

    • Track the status of all issues we are working on
    • Monitor our support performance against KPIs such as response and resolution times
    • Resolve more issues internally by participating in our free e-learnings
    • Keep up-to-date with free access to a comprehensive knowledge base about their software solution
DELMIA Quintiq software is at the heart of critical operations around the globe. Supporting that software is at the heart of our company.
To find out more, please contact us about DELMIA Quintiq Customer Support.

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