DELMIA Quintiq Hosted Services: Optimization at its smoothest

You have the best solution, now get the best support. DELMIA Quintiq Hosted Services provides much more than simple hosting. We take care of your DELMIA Quintiq application’s maintenance, system resources, downtime, security – everything you need to keep things running smoothly. A dedicated team of experts helps you monitor the application and provides round-the-clock support, swiftly dealing with any hiccups in the system. We handle your everyday IT hassles so you can focus on what’s important – planning for greater business results and company growth.

    What this means for your business

    • IT expertise support
      • Hosting and application support by DELMIA Quintiq
      • 24x7 assistance
      • Proactive monitoring of applications
      • Seamless business integration
    • Flexibility
      • Scalable services that support your business growth
      • Support for up to 24 cores per application
      • Support for easy migration to DELMIA Quintiq Hosted Services
    • Reliability and security
      • Failover capability and redundant architecture
      • Designed specifically for DELMIA Quintiq applications
      • Encrypted data communication in and out of data centers
      • Production environment running on physical shared hardware
      • Disaster recovery (optional)
    • Cost efficiency
      • Minimized need for qualified IT staff
      • Predictable monthly costs
    • We are excited to have found a software solution that will enhance our employee experience as well as improve our ability to meet our business objectives by optimizing our scheduling process, We are looking forward to leveraging the technology to enhance our scheduling capabilities, resulting in improved cost efficiency, and higher employee (and customer) satisfaction levels with DELMIA Quintiq.
      Paul Parker,Global Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
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