What every inventory manager wants

You want low levels of inventory, but you don't want stock-outs. Simple? If only.

You have to cope with supply chain segmentation, seasonality, multiple stocking locations and an ever-increasing range of products with ever shorter lifecycles. Add to that the pressure from above to reduce inventory costs and free up working capital. Not forgetting competing demands from different parts of the business.

Make it simple with DELMIA Quintiq When you plan your inventory with DELMIA Quintiq all of these complexities are accounted for. DELMIA Quintiq integrates data from across your organization for true supply chain visibility. From determining stock strategy to responding to events in real time, you get optimization and decision support at every planning level.

That means optimal inventory levels, profits, productivity and customer satisfaction. What inventory manager wouldn’t want that?

Here’s how it works:
    • Visibility
      View inventory data in real time. When inventory levels are threatened, you will be alerted immediately so you can take the necessary countermeasures
    • Minimizing excess and obsolete stock
      Avoid investing in inventory that has to be scrapped or sold off at greatly reduced prices.
    • Financial modeling
      Model the trade-off between inventory investment and customer service levels. Incorporate supply costs (e.g. transportation) and model the impact of different stocking strategies.
    • Multi-echelon optimization
      Determine the optimal mix of finished and semi-finished goods, components and raw materials, and create smart segmentation strategies for made-to-stock, finish-to-order, make-to-order, etc.
    • Managing uncertainty
      Calculate accurate safety stock levels based on demand uncertainty and supply variability.
    • Intuitive user interface
      DELMIA Quintiq’s KPI-driven dashboards and interface allow for easy control of the levers that impact inventory and make it possible for you to quickly access and understand the information you need in any given situation