Why your best guess isn’t good enough

A customer wants to place a large, urgent order and asks three questions:
  • Can you fulfill the order?
  • How soon can you deliver?
  • How much will it cost?

Consider the cost of getting it wrong. If you wrongly turn down the order, you’ll lose business and risk losing a customer. If you wrongly accept it, you’ll jeopardize other valuable orders in your book.

With so much at stake, your best guess isn’t good enough.

Instead, you might employ methods such as 'available to promise’ (ATP), ‘capable to promise’ (CTP) and ‘profitable to promise’ (PTP). But these methods are only as good as the information available to them. If they fail to take all relevant information into account, they fail to give accurate answers.

DELMIA Quintiq takes the guesswork out of order promising

Within an instant you see the implications of accepting an order. You determine whether you have the materials and capacity needed to fulfill the order. And you’re able to quote a reliable delivery date.

DELMIA Quintiq gives you immediate insight into exactly what you can – and should – promise. Here’s how:
    • Decision support
      Get profit-driven suggestions on whether to accept and how to plan orders
    • Scenario planning
      Find out how adding an extra shift will affect the performance of your order book
    • Integration
      Align logistics and production plans to understand the full impact of accepting an order
    • KPI-based planning
      Know immediately whether and how the product mix accepted by your sales execs differs from the optimal product mix determined in the S&OP process
    • Responsiveness
      Accommodate those last-minute orders you just can’t turn down, even when you’re out in the field
    • SALM became the industry leader in France and fifth largest in Europe, thanks to sustained innovation efforts that included continuous improvement of our processes. DELMIA Quintiq’s solution enables us to commit to reliable delivery dates throughout Europe. This helps us maintain excellent service levels, which will enable us to further expand our presence internationally.
      Jacques Feraud, Project Manager, SALM
      Discover why one of Europe’s largest kitchen and bathroom fittings manufacturer has been a DELMIA Quintiq customer since 2005
    • For a long time, our delivery reliability was between 50% and 60%. This has improved to 80% and sometimes 90%. With this high percentage of delivery reliability, we can make sure the containers to be shipped to Africa are optimally filled. This has boosted our efficiency and improved customer satisfaction dramatically. In this way, we live up to our reputation as a market leader.
      Ron van Hout, Manager, Planning and Warehousing, Vlisco
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