Meet every public transport planning challenge with
one integrated solution

The challenges facing public transportation companies go well beyond fleet and crew planning. You need to plan for the long term to meet the demands of fast-growing cities, yet be able to handle short-term demand surges and unexpected disruptions.

The DELMIA Quintiq Public Transport Planner handles every challenge — from crew and fleet scheduling to winning new bids through open tenders. The solution works for operations big and small, and seamlessly integrates with a broad range of third-party systems.

The Public Transport Planner’s unique architecture gives you the best of a bespoke solution and the benefits of an off-the-shelf solution. Equipped with the capabilities that all public transport companies need, the solution can be configured to suit every rule, regulation, and preference specific to your business.

    • Scale with a fast-growing city
      Plan your future network based on demand forecasts and historical data
    • Explore and analyze multiple scenarios
      Uncover hidden savings potential and benefits by simulating the impact of your choices on current operations
    • Track resources and service status
      Spot and resolve disruptions quickly to keep punctuality and service levels high
    • Gain a competitive edge in the tender process
      Keep costs low and provide reliable service by optimizing your crew and fleet
    • Improve employee satisfaction and retention
      Account for personal preferences, labor rules, and ensure fair distribution of work
    • Increase productivity
      Reduce intervals, minimize the number of empty vehicles, and maximize network utilization

    Powerful support for every planning horizon

    DELMIA Quintiq helps you handle strategic, tactical, and operational planning throughout your organization using one integrated platform. Take full control of your operations with end-to-end visibility – from long-term strategic planning to daily task scheduling and real-time rescheduling.

    DELMIA Quintiq supports the following planning activities:
    Strategic Planning
    Tactical Planning
    Operational Planning
    Executional Planning
    Strategic Planning
    Implement long-term strategic plans, make reliable forecasts, and explore various scenarios
    • Assess long-term crew demand based on required skills and prepare accordingly
    • Track and manage the fleet investment lifecycle
    • Create the optimal set of crew and fleet diagrams while taking into account employee preferences, labor rules, and regulations
    Tactical Planning
    Operational Planning
    Executional Planning