Quintiq 5.0: Making it even easier to optimize your supply chain

Optimize not just every link but the entire supply chain with version 5.0 of Quintiq supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O) software, a platform developed and refined over fifteen years in collaboration with some of the world's largest (and now most efficient) companies. Enjoy more control and higher service levels when you plan and optimize the entire supply chain with Quintiq's single user-centric platform.
    In the latest release of Quintiq's supply chain planning & optimization platform, Quintiq 5.0, we focused on adding value in four key areas to ensure that your planning solution gives you the results you're looking for:
    • Agility
      Your business is dynamic – your customers expect you to be flexible and responsive.

      Quintiq 5.0 makes it even easier for your planners to update plans to reflect the current state of operations, whether you're changing yearly sales allocations to give more capacity to a growing market, you're taking an aging roller off line, or your senior process engineer has come down with the flu.

      With Quintiq your plans are always in sync with reality.
    • Mobility
      Quintiq 5.0 gives you the option of accessing the Quintiq mobility server, which extends the power of optimal decisions to a wider group of end users than ever before. It puts you in control of how your mobile workforce experiences and interacts with Quintiq, and enables minute-by-minute alignment between optimal schedules and the realities of your supply chain.

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    • Intelligence
      Users of off-the-shelf planning solutions often complain that software-generated plans cannot be executed. That's because the plans are valid within their model, but the model is flawed – it's built either on ideal-world scenarios or on simplified, generic business rules and processes.

      The primary goal of the Quintiq implementation process is to understand every aspect of your business in order to create a 100%-fit model. Quintiq software is built to allow for speedy development of an accurate, stable model. And you can easily update the model at any time to reflect a change in your business rules or processes.

      A real-world business model means plans that really happen.
    • The Human touch
      Optimal planning is achieved through interaction between humans and machines. So, Quintiq is designed to give planners full control and visibility, enabling them to amend the optimized plan where needed. The interface is fully customizable, user-specific, and can even be shared with colleagues. Planners can keep track of key performance indicators (KPI) via customizable KPI gauges and dashboards. Quintiq's new mobility capabilities give managers the ability to monitor performance remotely.

      Give your people the power to make the decisions that are best for your business.
    Quintiq 5.0 is still powered by world-record-breaking optimization algorithms. Find out more.

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