What if...?

What if my organization invests in new infrastructure closer to a major supplier?

What if we outsource warehousing?

What if the pool of potential employees dries up in the next few years?

    Answering what-if questions correctly is a key to success in business. Don't leave it to luck. DELMIA Quintiq supply chain planning solution enables you to model your supply chain with total accuracy. It gives you the visibility you need to understand the impact of every business decision. DELMIA Quintiq lets you perform strategic, long-term planning of your supply chain and make informed decisions regarding major activities such as plant or capital investments and divestments, product mix portfolio, inventory and outsourcing, and customer service strategies.

    You can easily simulate change, and then optimize plans in line with your key performance indicators. Scenarios are generated within minutes, facilitating the decision-making process. Compare optimized scenarios by KPIs relating to profit, costs, inventory levels and delivery performance. Assess the potential profitability, efficiency and sustainability of each configuration.

    Apply this process locally to optimize distribution, production and inventory.

    Apply it globally to optimize your entire supply chain, insulate it against risk and prepare for any eventuality.