Not just world-record-breaking optimization technology

Truly optimal planning is achieved through interaction between planners and a platform that’s built around a 100%-fit business model.

Imagine this: a machine breaks down, an order can't be delivered on time. Which order should be pushed back? Typical optimization software might tell you to delay the order of the lowest value, whereas you know that the small order belongs to a new customer while a much larger order belongs to a long-standing customer who is generally flexible about delivery dates by a day or two. This is something only a human planner can know. Exceptions like this make it essential that your planners are able to interact with your planning system.

DELMIA Quintiq's supply chain planning & optimization platform is built on the belief that all the algorithms in the world can't replace your good business sense. It's designed to give you full control and visibility, enabling you to amend the optimized plan where needed. You have the power to optimize the entire plan and the flexibility to optimize just parts of the plan. You can choose between fully automated, semi automated and manual planning depending on your requirements at any given moment.

    Easily amend and reoptimize plans at every stage of the planning process right up to the moment before execution

    DELMIA Quintiq provides you with world-record-breaking optimization technology, but it also offers a lot more than that - the extras needed to optimize your supply chain for the real world. DELMIA Quintiq's supply chain planning & optimization platform provides full visibility into all aspects of the supply chain, enabling real-time management and optimization of production capacities, raw materials and logistics.

    It's configured to respect all of your organization's rules and constraints, such as production capacity, inventory and logistics constraints and contractual requirements. But, it's flexible enough to allow you to adapt to the realities of doing business.

    The outcome: practicable plans, optimized against your unique key performance indicators, always in sync with the realities of your business.

    The benefit: savings in every area of your business, in the form of a more efficient distribution network, lower inventory levels and leaner operations overall.

    • DELMIA Quintiq inspired us with its proof of concept. It was impressive how quickly they were able to model our world including the rules, constraints and relevant resources with their solution. We immediately saw the advantages DELMIA Quintiq could bring us.
      Nicola Gussetti, Operations Director, Loro Piana Textile Division
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