Retrieve hidden capacity and sales opportunities

Your forecast is ready for the supply review process. But as you start applying constraints – inventory, materials, manufacturing capacity, and people – the distance between what you should produce and what you can produce widens. This gap reflects lost business.

With DELMIA Quintiq, demand and supply chains are completely integrated and connected. DELMIA Quintiq enables planners from both areas to work together, creating and comparing demand and supply scenarios – to close any gaps (i.e. by hiring more people or creating more shifts, adding promotions, exploring additional supply sources, etc.), maximize efficiency and cash in on additional sales opportunities. Taking benefits a step further, your supply plan integrates seamlessly with your operational plan, enabling the smooth move from capacity to capability.

DELMIA Quintiq ensures your planners can create the best supply plans with:

    • Optimization
      Boost sourcing, distribution, production, and inventory on a local level. And apply it globally to optimize the entire supply chain, guard against risk, and create contingency plans.
    • Faster, higher quality scenarios
      Explore any scenario with unrivaled speed and flexibility. Create an accurate base plan, test it against any number of scenarios, and evaluate each outcome to determine the best course of action to meet and exceed your business KPIs.
    • Support for all planning maturity levels
      No matter what your company’s level of S&OP maturity, DELMIA Quintiq will help you implement best practice models for all your S&OP activities: From balancing demand and supply volumes, to integrated business planning and financial impact analysis.
    • Flexible configuration
      Account for all rules, constraints, and KPIs to create the most accurate model of your supply chain. And optimize your supply plans with just a few clicks.