Workforce scheduling and optimization with DELMIA Quintiq

Get the most out of your people to drive efficiencies and improve customer service

Is the scheduling of your employees a costly administrative task or a driver of profits? Leading companies with large, complex workforces are showing that optimizing human capital can have a significant impact on the bottom line. And it’s not just down to efficiency – it’s about the long term effects of a happier workforce and happier customers.

Better business decisions across all planning horizons

DELMIA Quintiq's workforce scheduling & optimization software integrates planning and scheduling processes in a single platform. Decision makers gain full visibility and control over the entire workforce process – from long-range capacity planning to daily task scheduling and real-time rescheduling. Get actionable planning insights that drive performance in the direction of your overarching business goals such as customer retention and first-time fix rates.

    Here are the six business-critical capabilities built into every DELMIA Quintiq solution.
    • Manpower planning
      Understand how your long-term staffing plans allow you to meet demand
    • Rostering
      Generate rosters that factor in all of your unique scheduling constraints such as shift preferences, labor regulations and vacation leave
    • Employee self-service
      Boost employee satisfaction by giving them the ability to bid and swap shifts, request for leaves, and define their preferred working hours — all through the DELMIA Quintiq mobile application.
    • Task assignment
      Optimize task and work order assignments to maximize utilization and efficiency. Get the right people at the right place, at the right time.
    • Time and attendance
      Go beyond creating schedules. Track employee hours with DELMIA Quintiq’s integrated TNA capabilities.
    • Day-of-operations workforce management
      Give planners real-time insight to resolve day-of-operations disruptions in the quickest and most cost effective way
    Made to fit your organization 100%

    DELMIA Quintiq's workforce scheduling & optimization software is built on a 100%-fit business model that includes all of your organization's unique constraints, such as employee skills and qualifications, contract-specific requirements, labor regulations, and resource availability. You define your efficiency, satisfaction and profitability targets; DELMIA Quintiq empowers your planners with the tools and insights they need to improve the results that count.