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    Week 1
    Week 1: Know what’s wrong to plan right
    Learn why tracking is not the same as planning and how to plug the critical gaps in your planning.
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    Week 2
    Week 2: Consumer is king but you pull the strings
    In today’s digital world, it’s the consumers who call the shots. Keep up with their demands and stay one step ahead (or more) by adding new capabilities to your supply chain.
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    Week 3
    Week 3: Production planning optimization – work smart, not work hard
    Manual planning is so last decade. Don’t let your competitors leave you in a cloud of dust while you are still formatting your spreadsheets.
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    Week 4
    Week 4: Putting aside differences and working together for the common good
    It’s time to start looking at the bigger picture. Integrate the supply chain for optimization and higher profits.
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    Week 5
    Week 5: Supply chain optimization solutions – it’s all or nothing
    80% fit equals 0% value. Partial-fit solutions will end up costing you dearly. Discover the benefits of 100%-fit to justify your investment.
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    Week 6
    Week 6: Smart planning – no pain and lots to gain
    Spare yourself the complexities with DELMIA Quintiq. It’s ready to configure “straight out of the box”, no custom coding required.
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