The Q Files
Issue 07 / June 2018

Quintiq and China see eye to eye on air traffic management

Helen Ding
Marketing Manager, China

Beijing, March 20 – 21 For the first time ever, over 200 aviation decision-makers representing air traffic control (ATC), airports and airlines came together with technologists and academics at the 2018 International Symposium on Air Traffic Management for Civil Aviation, to bridge the gap between the air traffic management (ATM) of China and developed countries.

This event is part of China’s 13th Five-Year Plan to drive innovation in the civil aviation air traffic management industry. Quintiq’s participation is in line with its own five-year plan for sustainable business development in airports, airlines and air traffic control. Asia will be the source of more than half of new passengers over the next two decades, and China is projected to replace the United States as the world’s largest aviation market by 2022.

Quintiq CEO Rob van Egmond delivered a keynote on improving the productivity and safety of air traffic control officers (ATCOs) through workforce planning. Quintiq was the only technology company at the event to address workforce planning for ATCOs. Our system helps to

manage 70% of the world’s airspace but there is little awareness of Quintiq and the critical role of workforce planning in China. Rob stressed on the importance of combining machine and human intelligence in decision-making:

"Despite the advancements in ATM technology, ATC still requires the human touch as machine learning and artificial intelligence have yet to replace the capabilities of ATCOs in handling disruptions and communicating with pilots"

As part of Dassault Systèmes, Quintiq is expanding its business across the entire aviation value chain, for example, in large manufacturing enterprises including aircraft, parts and other aviation materials. Boeing, Airbus and Pratt & Whitney are a few of the big names working with Dassault Systèmes.

Air navigation service providers (ANSPs) need to address the human challenges and issues such as strict workforce agreements, ever increasing rules and regulations, fluctuating traffic volumes, shortage of skilled controllers and human fatigue. An advanced rostering system that assigns the right staff on duty at the right time will help ANSPs increase productivity and avoid costly inefficiencies such as overtime.

Lorna Herda, Head of Capacity Management and Rostering at skyguide said, “Quintiq is the only solution provider with experience in developing a 100%-fit staff planning solution for air navigation service providers.”

Quintiq is continuously improving our solutions. Workforce Planner now comes with KPI-tracking that monitors customer value, and clock in/out support for the mobile app. For aviation ground operations, we have an end-to-end demo that covers flight schedules, arrival profiles, check-in desk planning and more. Please contact your customer care manager for more details.

Logistics operators race for leadership position
Kristina Trajkoska
Marketing Executive, Logistics

Berlin, March 20 – 22 Quintiq joined over 200 senior executives from Europe’s leading postal and logistics operators for the Leaders in Logistics: Post & Parcel Europe conference, held for the 21st time to discuss the industry’s future. Customers demanding faster and more reliable offerings are pushing rapid changes in the industry, especially when it comes to first- and last-mile delivery. Service providers need to ramp up their services and offer greater transparency to remain competitive.

Quintiq Senior Business Consultant Dr Tobias Schulz’s presentation on the future of postal and express supply chains addressed concerns such as the impact of customer requirements on the operations, how to handle planning complexity and build agility into the supply chain, and how to use technology to deliver integrated services that customers are demanding.

Dr Tobias weighed in on the big changes to expect in the coming years:

"The biggest changes will come in the first and last mile as well as the network. Speed and pricing are important factors to watch out for. To stay competitive, postal & express operators have to react to rising customer expectations and master complex challenges using technology"

Top of the topics of interest among attendees were how to handle rising customer expectations and compete with new market entrants such as Amazon and fashion e-tailer Zalando. As Quintiq is an emerging name in the postal and logistics industry, many attendees wanted to know about our capabilities in first and last mile planning and optimization, specifically for route planning and home delivery. There was also great interest in mobile solutions. ...Read more +

To break the ice with delegates and help them get to know Quintiq better, we hosted the Wild Goose Chase drink reception. The city treasure trail took 100 participants through the streets of Berlin in a series of competitive tasks. The chase ended at a local bar with dinner and drinks, and the presentation of fitness trackers as prizes to the winning team. 

Ending this news on a high note, we're happy to announce that our Logistics Planner solution now comes with a few updates such as the automated configuration of optimization parameters, new templates for easy configuration of route combinations, and automated benchmark support. Please reach out to your customer care manager if you want to know more.

New business wins in retail and logistics

One of the fastest growing supermarkets in the Netherlands, Jumbo Supermarkten, will be using Quintiq to plan its transport and warehouse capacities.

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Quintiq to help Dot Transportation, the logistics affiliate of North America’s largest food industry redistributor, increase logistics efficiency through loading and routing optimization for its multi-temp trailers.

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Leading Norwegian dairy producer TINE to embark on the second phase of Quintiq tactical planning solution to include day-of-operations planning.

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Quintiq Version 6 to debut on December 18
Dr Mark Willems
VP of R&D Software Product Management

December 18 is a landmark date – for us in Quintiq and all of our customers. On this day, Quintiq Version 6 will be unveiled. Bringing together developments made in our software over the last five years, this major release contains functionalities that will open up new possibilities for users across diverse industries and enhance your experience of the Quintiq software.

This brings me to the number one question at the top of every customer’s mind: “So what happens to my current Quintiq software?” If you’re on Version 5, you will experience no immediate impact. However, it’s a good time to find out more about Version 6 and how it fits into your company’s software strategy. You then have sufficient time to prepare, should you decide to upgrade to Version 6 in the future.

If you’re on Version 4, do start making the transition to Version 5 as maintenance support for your current version will cease on December 18. If you decide to skip Version 5 and upgrade right away to Version 6, maintenance support for your current software can be extended beyond December 18 until the planned upgrade can take place in 2019.

Whatever your software version and however you decide this upcoming release will feature in your operations, here’s a preview of some of the great improvements you can expect: ...Read more +

Optimization boost
Our star feature – optimization – gets a huge boost in Version 6 thanks to its new distributed architecture, which transfers computing power from one to many machines. The optimizer ‘chops up’ a planning puzzle into parts, sends them out to multiple machines for optimization and gathers them back into the main computer where improvements are applied. Using this continuous and iterative process, the optimizer can solve larger puzzles more accurately in a fraction of the time it would take on a single machine. This extra edge to Quintiq’s record-breaking optimization technology is set to unleash gains in your operations that you never thought possible.

Freedom and flexibility for the modern professional 
Freedom and flexibility have never been more critical in ensuring work satisfaction, productivity and effeciency for the modern worker who's likely always on the go. For these users, Version 6 features a web application, which allows them to immediately access and run Quintiq in a web browser, across various machines (e.g. Macs, tablets, etc.) and operating systems beyond Windows.  

Zero hassle in keeping up with the latest technology
To keep your operations running optimally, you must keep up with the latest software developments. With Version 6, you can look forward to a future of faster and easier upgrade projects, fewer Quintiq Specialist man days and lower costs. Add enhancements and new product features to your Quintiq software easily, while maintaining the rules and constraints that make it 100%-fit to your operations.

More information on Quintiq Version 6 will be made available between now and December 18. Keep a lookout for updates in your mailbox and in the coming issues of The Q Files. Got a question? Contact your customer care manager for assistance.

Delivering excellent service in the aviation sector

“With passenger traffic volumes expected to rise massively over the coming years, it is crucial for airlines and airports to meet this new demand through innovation that increases efficiency across the board to boost passenger satisfaction.” 

Daniel Crown
Business Unit Director, North America
Demand-driven planning for airport operations

Optimized planning keeps the airport running smoothly even as air travel volume is expanding at a rapid pace.

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Deliver the best dining experience in the sky with a system that offers integrated planning and decision-support capabilities.

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Aug 7, Melbourne, Australia This year’s series of conferences will kick off with a round-table session in Melbourne before moving to Perth, Philadelphia, Amsterdam and Moscow. On the agenda are new thinking and technologies that are changing the way companies plan and optimize.

Sept 18 – 21, Berlin, Germany Meet us at InnoTrans, the world’s leading international trade fair for transport technology which takes places every two years in Berlin. This four-day conference and exhibition covers railway technology, railway infrastructure, public transport, interiors and tunnel construction.

Sept 23 – 25, London, UK Move to Mastery: Innovate, Disrupt and Scale the Digital Supply Chain. This year’s Gartner conference will discuss how companies can turn disruptions into an advantage. Quintiq will participate with a booth and keynotes during the three days.