Quintiq and the World Food Programme: Partnering to solve humanity’s greatest supply chain puzzle

The world produces enough food to feed the planet, but 795 million people still suffer from hunger.

The challenge lies in getting more food to those who need it the most. It is humanity's greatest supply chain puzzle; a puzzle that Quintiq is uniquely suited to help address. That is why Quintiq is partnering with the World Food Programme (WFP) to help create a world with Zero Hunger. With Quintiq’s expertise in planning and optimization, WFP can do more with their the available resources in its mission to ensure that every man, woman and child receives the food that they need to live active and healthy lives – no matter where they are.

WFP also provides cash-based transfers (CBTs) – giving people the freedom to choose what to buy to support their families’ needs. In 2015, WFP reached 9.59 million beneficiaries with CBTs across 54 countries
and 84 operations.

How WFP reaches 80 million people a year
3.2 million metric tons of food distributed in 2015
5,000 trucks 40 ocean shipments 70 aircraft on any given day
15,200 staff many in remote areas supporting the most vulnerable communities
WFP does not endorse any product or service.

How WFP helps change lives

Corinne Fleischer, Director of Supply Chain for WFP, explains how WFP delivers life-saving food assistance anywhere in the world within 72 hours of a disaster, and how supply chain optimization can assist in the mission to alleviate world hunger.

Quintiq and WFP: An ideal partnership

Each year, WFP assists some 80 million people in around 80 countries. As an organization that relies on voluntary contributions, how can WFP stretch their resources to help even more people?

That is where Quintiq comes in. Combining WFP’s unique understanding of humanitarian logistics and Quintiq’s expertise in supply chain and planning optimization will enable WFP to do more with the resources that are already available to them. Quintiq and WFP will work together to deploy new technologies to create the best possible global sourcing strategies and delivery networks – enabling WFP to increase the efficiency of its supply chain operations.

Through this partnership, Quintiq and WFP aim to work together towards a common goal: A world without hunger.

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At Quintiq, we are passionate about solving puzzles – every single one of us. That is why we decided to use a unique model of contribution for our partnership with WFP. Every employee is given a chance to contribute to the project via voluntary salary, commission and overtime deductions. We are a team, and we are committing to this project as a team. In partnership with WFP, we can achieve a world without hunger. Read Rob’s blog
Rob van Egmond, Quintiq CEO

No one deserves to go hungry. Learn more about WFP’s efforts to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030 and find out how you can get involved. Be a part of the solution: Together, we can make a difference.

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