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Quintiq World Tour: London, UK
| May 7, 2015
Interviews and highlights
  • Great moments at Quintiq World Tour: London 2015

  • Staying ahead in the logistics industry

    Chris Saynor
  • Quintiq World Tour 2015: London - Gaining from people, processes, and technology in commoditized industries

    Chris Saynor
  • The key to world-class planning

    Kevin Gaskell
  • New realities in logistics: What companies need to know

    Frank Tinschert
  • Battling complexities in manufacturing and S&OP

    John Sookias, Head of Manufacturing Planning and Optimization, Quintiq
  • Key challenges in rail: Solving them with optimization

    Bernd Horsman, Managing Consultant Rail & Public Transport, Quintiq
  • The story behind Quintiq World Tour 2015

    Janine Olariu, Senior Marketing Manager, Quintiq
  • Deliver greater results with workforce planning on the go

    Tina Balke, Solution Consultant, Quintiq


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