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Quintiq World Tour: Singapore
| August 24, 2015
Interviews and highlights
  • Latest advances in SCM, recognizing its role and how it impacts business

    Vivek Sood
  • Digitized business: a new frontier for supply chain management

    Dr. Mahender Singh
  • The personal supply chain: meet the connected, engaged, omnichannel shopper

    Charlie Macdonald
  • Arvind limited: challenges and opportunities in the manufacturing supply chain

    Suhas bhise
  • The journey to breakthrough transformation

    Kris Kosmala
  • Panel discussion: supply chain transformation and impact of technology

    Baker Hughes, HP, Zalora, and FCI Electronics
  • Panel Discussion: Q&A with guest speakers

  • Expert Insights: Vivek Sood

    Vivek Sood
  • Expert Insights: Fausty David

    Fausty David
  • Expert Insights: Charlie Macdonald

    Charlie Macdonald
  • Expert Insights: Suhas Bhise

    Suhas Bhise
  • Highlights from Quintiq World Tour Singapore 2015