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What’s the big idea
Every day, businesses increasingly face uncertainty and disruptions. Being able to respond to disruptions in real time, through integrated platforms is becoming the key driving force behind the latest trends in technology. Each decision you make – whether long term or on the day of operations – can have serious consequences and flow on effects. As the economy grows and moves at an even faster pace, it’s important to rethink your optimum and make informed strategic decisions that maximize your available resources.

In this new reality, data is the new capital and analytics drives value. If you want to get ahead, you need a new approach to data. One that’s faster, smarter, and more accurate. One that enables you to make the most of your assets and optimize operational efficiency in an age of constant disruption.

The future belongs to the agile. The time to rethink your optimum is now.

Why you should attend
Whether you’re in logistics, public transport, food manufacturing/agribusiness, government or retail, you’ll leave with the latest insights on applying advanced analytics in the context of:

  • Strategic and operational workforce planning
  • Disruption management
  • Network and route planning
  • Sales and operations planning

Who you will meet
Our speaker line-up includes James O’Loghlin, Australia’s renowned voice of innovation. A veteran host and corporate speaker, James will elaborate on practical methods to create a culture that encourages innovation in your company.

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