New thinking and technologies to meet the challenges of the digital age

One mega conference across three continents.

Just like 2017, hundreds of supply chain and logistics professionals will descend upon Amsterdam, Philadelphia and Melbourne this year to experience the visionary thinking and technologies that are changing the way companies plan and optimize.

Quintiq World Tour will once again gather the most visionary minds in the business to explore the trends that are shaping the face of digital business models and networks. They will share how companies can push the boundaries of now-familiar concepts like visibility, data analytics and agility to transform the way they plan, produce and bring products, services and customer experiences to a changing market.

2018 conference schedules will feature keynote presentations, roundtable discussions, breakout sessions and networking events. Every major industry – from oil & gas, aviation and rail to steel, manufacturing and logistics – will be represented in the audience and on stage. The combination is bound to inspire cross-industry innovations in unconventional, likely surprising, ways. You will leave invigorated with new ideas for leveraging technology to face the onslaught of demanding customers, fickle markets and accelerated product life cycles – rapidly, intelligently and above all, profitably.

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Be fully prepared for this whirlwind of a future. Join us at Quintiq World Tour 2018.

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  • Alex Nancolas
    Drax Power Limited
    The World Tour was a great opportunity to meet other clients and better understand the puzzles that Quintiq can solve. Listening to the challenges faced by companies in industries like aviation and retail was extremely insightful.
  • Wolfgang Meißner
    ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG
    I like the discussions with companies outside the steel business.
    We are from different industries, but there was a lot to learn from their challenges and solutions.
    I really look forward to the next event from Quintiq.
  • Lars Bever-Gimsing
    Copenhagen Airports
    Many thanks to Quintiq for organizing a great conference. It was valuable for us to share challenges with Quintiq specialists and other customers. We received many useful insights into Quintiq optimization solutions. We look forward to next time.
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